April 22, 2014

37 weeks:


We've made it to the full term mark! You can now safely come at any time, though they would like you to stay put a little closer to 40 weeks to gain weight. (I think you probably weigh plenty though. I'm gonna guess you'll be somewhere in the 8 pound range like your brother since I seem to be about the same size I was with him.) You probably weigh 6 and a half to 7 pounds right now, and measure 19-22 inches, about the size of a watermelon.

I went to see Dr. Chang for my weekly appointment today, and he said you are measuring on time. Your heart rate was a strong 146 BPM, but much to my disappointment, I had not made any progress since last week, so it doesn't look like you'll be joining us this week, although anything is possible.

We're pretty much ready, just trying to wait patiently. We all love you very much and can't wait to welcome you to the world, whenever you're ready.


April 21, 2014

Easter 2014:

We had a fun Easter weekend. It started Saturday morning with an Easter egg hunt at my parent's church. It was Elliott's first try at hunting eggs, and an egg hunt on a playground proved to be too distracting for him. He abandoned his basket and made a b-line for the the slide as soon as they yelled go, meanwhile, the other kids loaded their baskets with brightly colored eggs. When we left, his basket was as empty as it was when we arrived, but he didn't seem to notice, because he was too distracted by having to leave the playground. 

When we got home, we introduced him to another first, dying eggs. He wasn't interested when we started, but when we began pulling the first few eggs out of the dye, he decided he wanted to give it a try. He wanted nothing to do with letting us help him, nor would he show off his eggs and smile for the camera. 

The whole morning was a good lesson in patience for me. I had envisioned it in my Momma mind to be a morning full of fun and excitement as he filled his basket with eggs at his first egg hunt, and watched in wonder as we taught him how to draw on hard boiled eggs before dying each egg three different colors, revealing the designs underneath. Instead, he left the hunt with an empty basket, screaming because he wanted to stay and play on the slide longer, and I left disappointed because I didn't get a single photo of him grabbing eggs with his little Easter basket hanging on his arm. I'm having to learn that with kids, things often won't go how I plan or envision, and I'm trying to do better at just enjoying the moment for what it is, because at the end of the day, he had fun, and that's what matters.

Easter morning I had to wake Elliott up at 9:30! I told him the Easter bunny had come and filled his empty basket with some goodies while he was asleep. Much to my surprise, he understood and could hardly wait to go check it out, asking me several times while he was going potty if "the Easter bunny left some goodies?"

When he saw his basket, he said "Wow!" It was so cute to watch him shake and then excitedly open every egg. Needless to say, he was not to interested in eating breakfast. Pez and Peeps are hard to compete with.

^^^ headed to church in his Easter best. I think he felt pretty cute by the way he was showing out for the camera. ^^^

After church, we ate lunch with family at my parent's house. Once again, it was near impossible to get Elliott to eat any real food, he threw a fit at the table demanding his Easter basket instead, but he did have fun being the center of attention one last time before his sister and cousin arrive and he has to share the spotlight. You can tell from the pictures, he brings each of us a lot of joy. Julianne and Eli have a lot to live up to!

I hope your Easter was as joyful as ours. It's hard not to be joyful when you are celebrating with those you love the gift of hope Christ gave each of us on the first Easter. I'm looking forward to the day when Elliott can understand it is about so much more than egg hunts and Easter baskets, and trying to remind myself of this as well.

April 15, 2014

weeks 34-36:

I've been keeping up with my weekly letters and photos, I just haven't managed to do a good job posting them here the past few weeks, so here's a little catch up post for weeks 34, 35, and 36.


This has been another hard week. I've been super tired and having lots of hot flashes, especially at work. I'm thankful to only have a few weeks left before my maternity leave starts. Working 9 hours on my feet with very little down time gets very difficult near the end. It's times like this I wish I had a shampoo girl to bend over the bowl in my place. I can't believe I was doing it 5 days a week when I was pregnant with Elliott! I'm only working 3 days a week this pregnancy, but I think chasing your busy brother around the other 4 days a week makes it feel even harder. 

I'm looking forward to your baby shower this weekend. I can't wait to see all of the cute little girl things our friends and family bring you. We are getting so close to meeting you, and I'm itching to do a little nesting with your new things to pass the time.  

Keep growing strong (but not too much bigger… I think I'm about out of room!)

We love you,


We are getting so close! You are the size of a large cantaloupe now, measuring somewhere between 19 and 22 inches long and weighing around 5 and a half pounds. We went to our last 2 week appointment this week and you were looking good, still head down with a strong heart rate. We go back weekly now until you are born for pelvic exams to check for dilation and effacement. We are nearing the point where you could decide to come any day, and boy are we all ready. Elliott asks me almost every morning now "Who's in your tummy Momma? Is it Julianne?" I think he has really started to notice how much you are growing, and can sense that the time for your arrival is near.

Our friends and family threw you a sprinkle this week. You got lots of cute clothes, toys, books and blankets. I spent most of this week nesting, washing your clothes and bottles and organizing all of your new things in your now completed nursery. Your Daddy and I keep going in your room and just standing there imagining you here with us, its hard to believe we'll be a family of 4 in less than 5 weeks!

We love you sweet girl,


We are less than a month from your due date!! I've been feeling really good this week. I think I've had a burst of energy knowing your arrival is so near. You are 6ish pounds now, and measure anywhere from 19-22 inches. We went for our weekly appointment with Dr. Chang this week, where I got a pelvic exam and was tested for strep B. We won't know the results of the test for a few days, but he said my cervix has begun thinning, but there is no dilation yet. Hoping to get out and walk a little this week so maybe we'll see a little more progress next week. 

I went and got the things I'll need postpartum this week… fun things like hemorrhoid cream, maxi pads, granny panties and nursing bras. I'm not looking forward to the healing process and the painful first few weeks nursing, but it's a small price to pay to have you here with us. 

I also started packing my hospital bag just in case you decide to surprise us and come a little early (fingers crossed!) We got the infant car seat installed in my car, and the swing set up in the living room. I think we're pretty much ready for your arrival. The last few weeks will just be a waiting game. I know they will feel long, as I'm so ready to see your face and get to hold you in my arms, but it's close, and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Come join us soon,

April 13, 2014

Baby shower for little Eli:

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here, but both of my sister-in-laws (my brother's wife, Liz and Gary's sister, Gina) are also expecting in May. It's been so fun getting to be pregnant at the same time. Elliott is the only grandchild on both sides, so Gary and I have not yet experienced the joy of being an Aunt and Uncle, and we're pretty excited. Both Gina and Liz are expecting little boys. We can hardly wait to meet them and watch Elliott and Julianne make memories with their cousins over the years. 

^^^ Julianne with both of her cousins, Jordan (left) and Eli (right)! ^^^

This weekend, I hosted a shower for Liz and baby Elijah at our house. My sister and several of our mom's friends helped. We chose a woodsy theme since my brother loves to hunt, and Liz is sweet enough to join him in the stand. I love the way it turned out. It was perfect for them. 

^^^ Jessica and I with the Momma to be, we love Eli so much already. ^^^
They had a great turn out, and got lots of great things for the little guy. We can hardly wait to meet him, and Jordan. I wish we could go to Gina's shower in a couple of weeks, but I don't think traveling 5 hours from home is a good idea at this point, so we sent a gift for Jordan, and will be there in spirit.

Our families are going to be blessed beyond measure next month. Looking forward to seeing our families grow and change with these new additions.

April 11, 2014

julianne's nursery:

Julianne's nursery is complete! It was a lot of fun to work on, because we already had all of the big stuff from when it was Elliott's nursery (crib, bumpers, rocker, dresser/changing table, rug, toy storage, etc.) taking away the financial pressure of following a budget. This allowed me to focus on just accessorizing to make it hers. It's girly, but not frilly, and I love how it turned out.

^^^ toy storage is ikea, rocker is the joya, crib is made by ouef, and the rug is west elm. ^^^
^^^ hanging shelf is from land of nod, rolling cart is ikea. ^^^ 
^^^ monogram letters from hobby lobby. ^^^
^^^ sweet little things. that adorable dress is by matilda jane. ^^^
^^^ dresser/changing table by ikea. ^^^
^^^ the flower and butterfly art were from my room at my parent's house, the Alice in Wonderland (my favorite Disney movie) quote is by Katie Daisy on Etsy, and the "Just Be You" hoop is by maebesew on Instagram. ^^^
^^^ we kept Elliott's bumpers, and added new sheets and a crib skirt, all from babybedding.com ^^^

There you have it, from Elliott's nursery to Julianne's. I can hardly wait to be back in that rocker with a sweet baby in my arms. Some of my most precious memories to date were created in that rocker. Looking forward to creating new ones in this updated space with our little girl.

April 10, 2014

a sprinkle for julianne:

This past weekend some friends and family threw a little "sprinkle" for Julianne. We have most of the baby items we need since this is our second baby, but our friends and family were so sweet to come and bring us some little girl items, (toys, books, blankets, clothes) diapers and wipes. We were blown away by how many showed up for the second time to love on our family as we welcome a new member. 

^^^ food table with all of my favorite cravings this pregnancy: reeses, nutella, cinnamon rolls, goldfish crackers, cupcakes, and coke! ^^^

^^^ the sweet hostesses ^^^

^^^ thank you gifts for the hostesses ^^^
We are so blessed. I had so much fun getting everything home and organized in her room. It makes me even more anxious to have her here. Come on Julianne!

March 27, 2014

week 33:


You're packing on that baby fat these last few weeks, and I can sure feel it! You measure around 19 inches and weigh about four and a half pounds now, about the size of a honeydew melon. We went to see Dr. Chang this week, and your heart rate was 132 bpm. He also informed us that you've turned head down. I figured you had, because a few days before my appointment my back quit hurting. I'm so thankful to be feeling better, but also to not have to worry about having a scheduled c-section. However, you're quite the mover, so we'll see if you stay in position between now and the big day.

Some friends and family are throwing me a little "sprinkle" next weekend, and I'm really looking forward to it. We got the last few baby things out of the attic and cleaned up this week, and we set up a bed for you in our room. It makes me so excited to look at it each night before bed and think that in about 6 and a half weeks you'll be sleeping in it next to me!

I love you,