September 6, 2010

My OBU Story!

So today is Ouachita's birthday, and to celebrate they decided to create a "blogabout" and have students blog about their Ouachita story.  That's kind of overwhelming, because if you know much about me, you know I loved my time at Ouachita and I could talk about my OBU experience all day.  But, I'll try to narrow it down for you...

Freshman year I moved in to Frances Crawford not knowing what to expect.  I was leaving behind close friends and family, and I went in skeptical, thinking OBU had some big shoes to fill.  I felt like everyone had "the Ouachita bug."  They were all in love with the place!  But, I wasn't so sure that would ever be me. 

Much to my surprise, it didn't take long before I had caught "the bug."  Ouachita became my home, and looking back I see how it has molded me in to the woman I am today.  Ouachita taught me to think for myself.  Being away from home challenged me to question the things I believed in; political beliefs, as well as religious beliefs.  I guess you could say I learned who I was at Ouachita.

Freshman year:  The first friend I made at Ouachita was a girl named "Tate"  (her real name was Stephanie, but I wouldn't learn that until Sophomore year).  Then, midway through my freshman year, I moved in with Laura. These two girls remain to this day two of my very best friends.  We had an instant connection and stayed attached at the hips all 4 years, even though we all pledged a different social club. 

Me with my rommate, Laura.

Our entire hall had a unique bond.  Some of my fondest Ouachita memories are just spending time in the rooms of the girls on FCE2.  We played flag football together, studied together, and even got in trouble together... (but the fun we had at that hall slip and slide was totally worth the punishment!)


I participated in Tiger Tunes with Campus Ministries, was elected to serve on Student Senate, joined the campus activities board, had a work study in the photo lab, pledged Tri Chi with the TC pledge class of 04, and was elected to compete as our pledge class representative in the Miss OBU pageant.

Sophomore year: I lived with Laura, Tate, and Rachel (who also lived on FCE2 with us) in Mattox, started dating Gary (that is a story in and of itself! It's also posted on this blog for your reading enjoyment), and added a second major, Christian Studies, to my first major, of Mass Communication. 

Gary, Tate and I attended church at Fellowship, Arkadelphia.  My advisor and professor in the Christian Studies department, Dr. Duvall and Dr. Jackson (another one of my professors in Christian Studies) were the co-pastors.  We were in Dr. Jackson and his wife, Mona's Kgroup that met at their house every Sunday night.  We developed a close relationship with their family during our time at OBU.

I continued to serve on Student Senate, CAB and as an active member of Tri Chi.  I participated in the Tri Chi Flight Attendants show, where we won 3rd place!  And in the fall, I was honored to be chosen as a Kappa Chi little sis.
With Gary at KX rush.
The roomies in Mattox!

Junior Year:  This was probably my favorite year at OBU! I moved back in to Frances Crawford East and worked as an RA.  I still remained active in the same activities, serving as Secretary of the Student Senate and Pledge Mistress for Tri Chi.  Gary and I continued to get more serious.  In the fall he gave me his Kappa drop and in the spring he asked me to marry him!  I was in both the Tri Chi and Kappa Chi Tiger Tunes shows.  The Kappas placed as Chimney Sweeps and the Tri Chis won 1st place as Girl Scouts!!  Gary graduated in the spring of 06 and I was sad to see him leave OBU.

KX Chimney Sweeps.

Laura and Tate were also asked to be KX lil sises, making us all members of the same club for the first time ever. Even though we were no longer roommates our bond was stronger than ever. 

Homecoming 2005

My Closet OBU friends!

Laura, me and Tate: KX lil sises.
Tri Chi PC 04 Tiger Tunes 05

KX/TC Toga Mixer.

Tri Chi Rush.

Tri Chi 80s night TWIRP 2005.

Senior Year:  I finished my time at OBU in 3.5 years, so my senior year was only 1 semester, but I made the most of it.  I served as the president of Tri Chi and participated in my final Tiger Tunes shows with Tri Chi (hairstylists) and Kappa Chi (Outlaws).  Kappa took home first place!  I was on the homecoming court for Tri Chi, and Tate was crowned homecoming queen. 

In 3.5  years: I had received a 1st class education, learned life lessons, and developed lasting relationships. I read the scripture at the December commencement and tried not to cry as my Ouachita story came to an end.

My best Tri Chi friends.

Homecoming 2006.

But my story didn't end there.  I see it continue every day.  We meet people all the time who have a connection to OBU, and we have even developed close friendships with OBU alumni we didn't even hag out with during our time at OBU. 

I met my husband at Ouachita (Dr. Jackson married us in Jan. 07), my closest friends at Ouachita, and I leaned who I was at Ouachita.  I work with Laura at my salon in North Little Rock, and I was in Tate's wedding this past May.  I'm looking forward to attending Tiger Tunes next month, and my younger brother started his Ouachita journey this year.  Ouachita will be a part of who I am for the rest of my life, and for that I am very grateful.

I'm leaving out so much, from rush parties, to mixers, to club outings, but I did the best I could.  You can read about other Ouachita stories here.


  1. I was a Tri Chi (and the pledge mistress), KX L'il Sis, and attended a church that Scott Duvall pastored (in fact, I babysat his girls once upon a time!).

    It's funny that the same stories just keep repeating themselves with different characters!

    Nice to "meet" all these great members of the OBU family through the BlogAbout. (And I LOVE the name of your blog! Too cute!)

  2. Hello, fellow Tri Chi! I was president of XXX at some point - you probably had to memorize my name during pledge week. I'm sorry.

    And may I say your hair is ADORABLE!