December 9, 2012

Weekend @ BuckRun:

This time last weekend, we were enjoying the peace and quiet of the woods in Camden, Arkansas with my brother, his girlfriend, and the Hayes'. My grandparents have a little cabin on our family's hunting property there, and we went for the weekend so the guys could hunt. They didn't bring home any meat, but we did have a great time. Paisley taught Elliott to climb the stairs, and we had to watch them like hawks all weekend. Brooke and I enjoyed cooking breakfast for the guys when they came back each morning, and they enjoyed shooting guns and hanging out around the campfire while we entertained E and P. But, I don't think anyone had as much fun as Lola. She was in heaven, running free, exploring the woods. See ya next year, BuckRun. It was fun!


  1. How fun! Is your family from Camden? We've lived in Camden for 5 years now, originally from NWA. You guys picked a nice weekend to come down!

    1. What a small world! None of us are from Camden, we're all from North Little Rock, but they have had land there for 10+ years. It was a beautiful weekend to go, I love being away from the city. You can see the stars at night perfectly there!