January 5, 2014

Elliott's 2nd birthday:

Elliott's second birthday was today. It's so hard for me to believe two years have already passed since his birth. He has changed so much over the past year. He is full of personality, and as smart as can be! He has a memory like no other. He never forgets anyone's name, he knows almost every letter in the alphabet, most of the numbers from 1-10, lyrics to lots songs, and even how to spell his name. He speaks in full sentences, and amazes us with something new every day. We could not be more proud of him. 

Yesterday we threw him a Sesame Street themed birthday party at our house, and we had lots of friends and family show up to celebrate with us. After being out of "school" for 2 weeks, he was so excited to see all of his friends. Watching them all squealing and giddy, playing together, was so much fun. They all enjoyed seeing Elmo everything, jumping on a bounce house in the garage, coloring Sesame Street characters, and helping E open his pile of presents. 

^^^ The party was at 10, so we served brunch foods, including everyone's favorite, Chick-fil-a chicken minis! ^^^

^^^ The other goodies included, fruit, cheese grits, goldfish crackers, cookies, and yogurt squeeze pouches for the little ones. ^^^

^^^ Oh, and these awesome cupcakes made by my friend, Megan! ^^^

^^^ Treat bags for our guests had Elliott's favorite candy, Sesame Street stickers, a light up bouncy ball, bubbles, and a small flute like whistle. ^^^

Elliott had a hard time staying focused on opening all of the presents. Much like Christmas, he wanted to stop and play after each gift. Thankfully, his friends were more than happy to help me open for him. :)

^^^ Elliott loved watching everyone sing happy birthday to him. He had the cutest little smirk looking around the room at everyone. ^^^

^^^ Poor Dad was on camera duty, so he didn't make many of the pictures, but he was there, making sure the event was well documented. ^^^
I think our birthday boy had a blast. He will tell you proudly that he is two, and he decided to show us just how big he was yesterday, by climbing out of his crib 3 times! So, unexpectedly, we had to transition him to a big boy bed yesterday as well. He has done surprisingly well with the change, making it though the night last night without falling out, or waking up before 8am!

Between the birthday, and the quick change to a "big boy bed," I feel a little overwhelmed. I'm quickly realizing how fast this is going. My baby is turning into a little boy. It's sad and wonderful all at the same time.

While the new bed presents lots of challenges, I do love that I can lay beside him at bedtime now.  Tonight we laid there together and just talked. I asked him if he'd had a good birthday, and he said "Everyone came. Pais came, Max came, Bennett came, Hemommy and Papa came, Pia and Poppy came, Momma and Daddy came, Caleb and Wesey came, August came." It was so cute. He was so flattered that everyone came. Then he asked me to sing "Jesus loves the children." And when I was finished he sang it back to me.

He seemed so big to me in that moment, that I almost started crying, but then I realized, while it's sad to see one phase of life come to an end, it also opens the door for a new phase and new memories. I'm looking forward to many more nights laying in bed talking, singing and praying together.

We are so thankful to have had two joyful years with Elliott, and are looking forward to continuing to watch him learn and grow this year. Happy birthday, Elliott!


  1. That is soo soo precious! Makes me tear up thinking about how fast our little ones grow right before our eyes! Ethan turns 2 in March!

  2. I'm totally crying right now, Kat! Beautiful post. Our boys are growing up to be such incredible people. I'm so thankful they have each other to walk through this life.

  3. And now i'm in tears.

    You did such an amazing job on the party, Kat! It was so much fun, and very creative.