June 20, 2014

Sesame Street Live!

Elliott has been such a good big brother (more on that later) the past 6 weeks, that we thought he deserved a little special attention from Mommy and Daddy. So when we heard Sesame Street Live was coming to town, we decided to take him on a Mommy/Daddy date night. Julianne went to stay with Pia and Poppy, and we started the night at Chick-fil-a for dinner and playing in the tubes before heading to the show.

This was his first show, so he was super excited. When we arrived he saw Bert peeking over the balcony waving at him as we went up the escalator. If he wasn't already pumped enough, he was now! He asked us over and over if we could "go up there and find Bert?" We were finally able to distract him with a Sesame Street light up toy and a colorful program when we got to the lobby.

While we were waiting for the doors to open we ran into one of our classmates from OBU, Julee Turner and her daughter, Preslee. Preslee was just as excited as Elliott to see all of the Sesame Street characters perform, especially Abby.

When they finally opened the doors, we had to hold him back from trying to go on stage to look for Bert again. The suspense was killing him! Our seats were great, third row center, perfect for him to see everything.

^^^ waiting for the show to start! ^^^

^^^ reading his program. ^^^
When the curtains finally opened, revealing all of the characters on the stage singing and dancing, the look on his face was priceless! The cutest smile and squeal I ever did see/hear!

^^^ seeing the characters on stage for the first time. ^^^

He sat so still and quiet for the whole show. He got a little sleepy toward the end and cuddled up to momma a few times to rest his eyes, but overall, he did great, and I can't say that I minded that snuggle time, because it doesn't happen very often anymore :)

I love being able to take Elliott to do fun things like this. Watching him enjoy something brings me so much joy. I think Mom and Dad enjoyed the date night just as much as Elliott. 

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  1. We loved seeing you guys! They were precious together!